ADASA Committees

The ADASA has a number of committees to help it fulfil its duties.  If you are a member of the Association and you are interested in participating in a Committee email 


Nomination Form

In accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the South Australian Dental Association, South Australian Branch Incorporated, I now call for nominations for the positions of Officers to the Council, Councillors, and Members of the Review Committee.  Nominations for Officers, Councillors, and Members of the Review Committee must be made on the Nomination Form . Each nomination requires a proposer and a seconder (each of whom must be a full member of the Association) as well as the written consent of the nominee.

Download the Nomination form here


Audit Committee

The objective of the Committee is to assist Council in carrying out its duties in the areas of financial management and reporting, risk management and legal compliance. Awards Committee The Committee's role is to make recommendations to Council of suitable persons for Life Membership, Distinguished Service Award and such other awards as may be considered appropriate.

Constitution Committee

The objective of the Committee is to provide Council with advice about the necessity for changes to the Constitution and the form those changes should take.

Investment Committee

The committee, on behalf of the Council, will oversee management of funds surplus to the day-to-day cash flow requirements of the ADA SA.  Primary responsibility for control of investments rests with the Council.  The day-to-day responsibility rests with the CEO.

Practice Support Committee

The objective of the Committee is to disseminate information, clinical or administrative that will assist ADASA members in the practise of dentistry, and make recommendation to Council.

Public Relations Committee

The objective of the Committee is to provide a constant and regular source of oral health education throughout the year, in an effort to establish and maintain the ADASA as the first point of contact and authority on dental matters in South Australia.

Recent Graduates Committee

The Committee encourages the transition from student to a professional member of the dental community. The main goals of the Committee are: To introduce new graduates to ADASA and ADA Inc. To provide a framework for formal and informal interaction between students, graduates and the wider dental community.

Review Committee

The Committee is empowered to deal with matters relating to the professional and ethical conduct of members, including the investigation and review of alleged breaches of the ADASA and ADA Inc. Code of Ethics.