ADASA Constitution

On signing an application to join ADASA membership, the member enters an agreement to be bound by the Constitution of the Branch.  Below is a link to the current ADASA Constitution and is available for members to download.
ADASA Constitution
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ADASA Constitution / By Laws document

Summary of Amendment to ADASA By-Law 4.2 Categories of membership
In accordance with ADASA Constitution, Clause 8.2 "Procedure to Make, Amend or Revoke by Council", COVID-19 amendments to By-Law 4.2 Categories of Membership has been approved by an electronic vote of Council. Council has recently reviewed the membership categories in this By-Law 4.2 Categories of Membership and has resolved to include COVID-19 amendments  to 'Concessional Member' 2(d) and (f)  in the membership categories. 

Concessional members 2 (d) and 2 (f) now read as follows:

2 (d)        A member who, during the COVID-19 crisis is currently working less than 16 hours per week where the reckoning of hours includes any and all paid duties undertaken by the member where being a registered dentist is requisite for those duties;
2 (f)         A dentist who, during the COVID-19 crisis is unemployed as a dentist and is seeking employment as a dentist in Australia.

These temporary changes to certain Concessional membership categories were passed by Council after   the commencement of 'Level 2 Restrictions' to support our members during the period when they were unable to work their normal hours.

In accordance with Clause 8.4 of the ADASA Constitution "Notification to Members Creation, Amendment, Addition or Revocation", the recently approved COVID-19 amendments of By-Law 4.2 Categories of Membership, are detailed below. As required, a copy of By-Law 4.2 Categories of Membership immediately prior to and after the amendment is provided.


Post Amendment BL 4-2 Categories of membership - 24 April 2020