ADASA Council

Below is the ADASA Council as confirmed at Annual General Meeting held on 25 November 2020.


  Dr Angelo Papageorgiou

I graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor Of Dental Surgery in 1993 and received recognition as a Fellow of the Academy Dentistry Internationale in 2004. Since 1993 and up to 2000, I was employed in private practice and for the last 17 years have been self-employed in my own practices- one as a solo operator and the other in partnership. In the early years I did combine private practice with stints at both SADS as a dentist and also tutoring final year General Dental Practice in the Dental Faculty of Adelaide University. I have been a member and participated in various study groups over the years and maintained continuing education. I have held numerous positions over the years and this includes Federal Secretary /Treasurer of the Australian Society Of Endodontology Inc. 1997-99.  I have always been a member of the ADA and ADASA and heavily involved in its activities. I have been a Member and Chaired the Recent Graduates Committee in its infancy and a past councillor of ADASA Council for the period 2001-2007. Since 2002 until present, I have been a member of the ADASA Public Relations Committee and for 14 of those years I have been Chair of this Committee. This has given me a wealth of experience in matters relating to the education, promotion and public awareness of oral health and dentistry both within our profession and the community. I have led various ADASA initiatives such the Kindergarten Screening Program for pre-schoolers. I have had the honour of working closely with the Presidents of the day and in recent years have expanded my role as an ADASA Spokesperson, representing the profession both in this state and nationally. This has given me an insight into the workings of the media in both print radio and television and am recognised as a point of contact for matters that relate to the ADASA. I am keen to lead the Association in the implementation of social media in its functions and daily role and this is important given the changing times and demographics of both our membership and public. Aside of my professional interests, I enjoy spending time with my wife Eleni and our three children.  I enjoy socialising with family and friends and tending to my garden.


Dr Poppy Anastassiadis

Dr Sharyn Borrett

Dr Paul Budden

Dr Yung Seng Chee

Dr Vaibhav Garg

Dr Meagan Huebl

Dr Sachin Kulkarni

Dr David Mann

Dr Greg Miller

Dr Deon Naicker

Dr Angela Pierce

Dr Anthony Smerdon


Dr Stephen Carapetis

Dr Janet Scott

Dr Robert Stewart

Dr Josh Tirrell

Dr  Erika Vinczer



Dr Mark Hutton

Dr Angela Pierce