A number of changes to close contact rules came into effect over the weekend which does provide an easing of some restrictions on everyday life.

However, please note as per the instructions outlined on the SA Health website, there are still some restrictions on close contacts working within dental services which have been defined as Tier 2 sensitive site.

A protocol has been signed off by the SA Chief Medical Officer to allow dental workers who are close contacts to attend a setting under a very strict set of parameters which are available here. 

This protocol and parameters must be read, understood and complied with completely before allowing a close contact to enter a dental setting (i.e. tier 2 sensitive site).

As always, we will continue to liaise with SA Health to ensure the best information flows to our Members. We will update you further should any changes occur.


There have been some recent announcements around Covid 19 protocols which may affect some Members.

Mask Wearing

Please note that further to announcements by the Premier this week we have confirmed that dental practices are community healthcare settings, which means existing mask protocols must be maintained for staff and patients as they currently exist.

With regards to staff requirements for masking, please continue to refer to the ADA Risk Management Principles for Dentistry.

Exceptional Circumstances Close Contact Exemptions

The Chief Medical Officer, Prof Nicola Spurrier, has signed off on a special protocol titled Protocol for the management of certain* close contact healthcare workers – exceptional circumstances (*general practitioners, dental practitioners, medical specialist in private rooms) which outline the relevant provisions to return critical healthcare workers who are close contacts to work during a period of quarantine.

This protocol can be downloaded in full here.

The protocol allows for dental practitioners to be exempt from the current close contact provisions (as they change from time to time) in “exceptional circumstances”.

Exceptional Circumstances Compliance Requirements

There are a number of detailed compliance steps required to be taken to enact this exceptional circumstances protocol which are outlined in detail within the document.

Owing to the differing nature of each Members dental practice, it is up to you to determine whether “exceptional circumstances” occur in your practice in each individual situation.  You must make this determination yourself based on your reading of the protocol.

Please note – that in relation to some of the compliance requirements within the protocol – there exists within the ADA framework the following documents which you can utilise to assist in meeting part of the criteria:

Note that the protocols require for strict record keeping, and formal notifications on each individual occasion this protocol is enacted.  We have been advised that the formal notifications required to enact the exceptional circumstances protocol should be sent to [email protected].