19 November - Borders Re-opening

Dear Members,

We have been working closely with SA Health regarding the borders opening next week and much has been done in preparation by SA Health.
We are in a good position with a fully vaccinated workforce. Initially only people who are double vaccinated will be allowed into SA from 23 November 2021. But remember, vaccination is not all about preventing Covid – it is very much also about minimising the impact of Covid.
We will provide you with information as it comes to hand which is likely to be frequently over the next few weeks. Although it is difficult to provide too much detail given the vast range of different possible scenarios that may present, the following measures continue to be strongly recommended.
1. Ask all the appropriate screening questions of all patients to determine where they fit in the ADA Risk Management Principles for Dentistry which has been covered in the webinar and can be downloaded at https://www.ada.org.au/Covid-19-Portal/Dental-Professionals.
Should a patient fall into the categories of moderate or high risk transmission – defer care for that patient until they no longer fall into that category.
We are working closely with SA Health to cement the pathway for those in isolation or Covid positive to be able to access non-deferrable dental care.
2. Wearing face masks at all times inside the practice – all staff – always when in the presence of others.
3. Use of alcohol based hand rub /sanitiser on entry to practice and with the handling of face masks.
4. Physical distancing is still an important aspect both for patients as well as staff e.g. lunchrooms
5. QR Codes – always!
6. Minimise the amount of time patients are in the practice including waiting rooms and ensure masks are removed for the least amount of time as possible.
And from a dental procedural point of view:
1. Pre-procedural mouth rinse;
2. Rubber Dam wherever possible and;
3. High volume suction
In the event that a patient you have seen, or a member of your Team has been infectious for Covid while in your practice – you will be contacted directly by SA Health and asked a series of questions as per their risk assessment framework for community health care settings to determine whether or not you and your Team will be required to isolate for any period of time.
Practices will be required to work with SA Health on the processes for managing any exposure. For information regarding how SA Health might manage an exposure based on the risk factors, see the attached document.
PPE should be utilised in alignment with the ADA Risk Management Principles for Dentistry and any local health directives. We will continue to monitor and review these requirements as the determining factors of vaccination rates and community transmission unfold.
The ADA expects that Members will continue to provide the safest and highest quality of dental care within the Covid-19 context.
This is the most up to date information we have at this time. This may change as the situation in the community changes and you can expect more information to come in regular succession.
As always, feel free to contact the Covid Hotline on 1800 253 787 or visit https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/ for further advice.

4 November 2021


 As you are aware, the deadline for compliance with the Mandatory Vaccination Directive is this coming Monday 8 November.

SA Health have provided a FAQ sheet which outlines in detail your obligations (below).

In addition, Ahpra have provided a statement (below) which you may find useful.

It is essential that all Members and Practices are fully aware of and compliant with all obligations under the directive.

For HR assistance, please see the detailed information on the ADA HR Hub and Members may contact the ADA HR Hotline on 1300 232 462.

For further assistance about the Directive – contact SA Health direct on 1800 253 787 or https://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au

SA Health FAQ Sheet
(Adobe PDF File)
AHPRA Position Statement
(Adobe PDF File)