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Risk Management Presentation, 16 June 2018

Risk Management Presentation, 16 June 2018
This is an interactive session that is focused around actual cases that have been considered by the Board.

Participants are given information of the type that  AHPRA has received, and in facilitated discussion groups, participants are then asked to put themselves in the shoes of the Board and to identify the issues for investigation, to reach a decision, and to identify the risk management messages in each case.  Participants will then learn of the actual decisions of the Board and also hear the risk messages from the perspective of the CRO at ADA, Dr Jim Ball,  Christie Boucher, Risk Services Manager at Guild Insurance and Kellie Dell’Oro, principal at Meridian Lawyers.

The session is an opportunity to learn more about the AHPRA process, from the stage of the initial complaint through to the decision of the Board.  The session is also designed to highlight the standards of care for dentists, particularly with respect to obtaining the patients informed consent for treatment.

No cost for ADA members to attend. If this presentation doesn't sell-out before the close of registration then we will open it to non-members for $275pp.  To register your interest (if you are a non-member) please contact Sally Queale.
Queries contact Sally Queale on 08 8272 8111 or email

Registration will close on 14 June 2018.

6/16/2018 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ADASA, The Alexander Room Unit 2 62 King William Road Goodwood, SA 5034 AUSTRALIA